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We are not high end; we are not fast-food. We are the first fast-casual Peruvian cuisine chain. We are young, fun, casual, modern and affordable all while maintaining our Peruvian gastronomic traditions within our core.

We are detail oriented, and we want our cool vibes to be reflected in all of our locations, where we offer a casual and modern environment. Just like our name suggests, we are a mix between express and gourmet.

Our honest kitchens concept allows our customers, at any location, to witness first hand how their dishes are being prepared, and enjoy even more a great ceviche with a cold beer on a sunny afternoon, or share a nice Peruvian dinner with that special someone. That’s PERU MIX, a place away from the Peruvian clichés, but true to its Peruvian gastronomic roots. A place to experience a good Peruvian dish without any hassles.

we are different


  • Peruvian express and traditional, a unique combination.

    Caracol TV Network
    Dia Dia Morning show
  • Who said peruvian food was always expensive? Not in PERU MIX.
    El Colombiano newspaper
    national newspaper
  • Excelent ceviche!
    Ashley Trexler - Washington Post
    Travel journalist
6 years in the making

SINCE 2012

Our story

PERU MIX was founded with just one small location in Medellin, Colombia in 2012 by Peruvian-American Juan Luis Vera and with help from his Colombian and American friends. Juan Luis noticed that in Colombia, and in most other countries, Peruvian food had the reputation of being “overpriced” or “exclusive”, and wrongly identified as only seafood or chicken. He decided to test the market with a new concept. As a result, the first international fast-casual Peruvian chain was born!

Our future

12 locations and one production center later, PERU MIX is now focused on the expansion of the brand, with the purpose of becoming a major international franchise and the face of Peruvian food worldwide. We have created a solid foundation and have endless potential. We have a great team, a great following, and we are constantly evolving as a brand name in the international franchise restaurant industry.